Sermon Series “Love in Action” Continues May 14

by sgrimm

This Sunday, May 14 at 11:00 a.m. Rev. David J. Hanna will continue the sermon series “Love in Action” with the sermon “LIA: Don’t Try This at Home.”

“Think about the fourth chapter of Matthew, where Jesus calls Simon Peter and Andrew, James and John to be disciples. In effect, Jesus says to them: Don’t just sit there doing the same old things, living the same old life. Do something good and meaningful. Don’t just sit there, follow me, says Jesus. Now that’s something for you to try!”

We look forward to seeing you Sunday!

New Sermon Series “Love In Action” Begins Sunday, May 7

by sgrimm

This Sunday, May 7, Rev. David J. Hanna will deliver the first in a new sermon series “LIA: Love in Action”:

“We don’t trust love to change the world. We don’t think it will work. But the cross and Easter, give us the unmistakeable message: God shows us that love—not religious laws and rituals, not worldly constructs and kingdoms but love is the most powerful thing in the world. We don’t want to be Missing In Action, rather we want to put Love In Action.”

We welcome you to join us!

Youth Sunday Worship Service Will Focus On God’s Grace

by sgrimm

This Sunday at 11:00 a.m. the youth will lead us in worship along with musical contributions from the Children’s choir.

Youth will deliver a two-part sermon “Grace. Period.”:

“As God has forgiven us, so we are called to forgive others. Often a debtor is offered a “grace period” to reconcile outstanding accounts. God offers grace. Period.”

Additionally, the children and youth will offer prayers, scripture readings, and music to lead us in the worship of God.