A professional counselor, Christine Butler, M.A., is a staff member at Calvary. In an effort to meet a growing need in the Indiana community, the counseling service is available for people of all faiths, not only for Calvary members but for people belonging to another church, as well as for those who do not practice any particular faith.

The Counseling Ministry differs from pastoral care in that the counselor has been trained in a variety of scientifically based theories and techniques to assist people with life style changes or difficulties such as depression, stress, emotional dysregulation, relationship problems and grief.

This service does not preclude or substitute for pastoral care but is intended to extend the caring ministry of the pastor and other members of the faith community by offering more in depth or longer term care for people with chronic or long-term difficulties. The counselor takes into consideration, issues of faith which may or may not be appropriate to address, keeping in mind that religious viewpoints vary as do any other culturally based values, and may be addressed as an integral part of the client’s life.

Calvary endorses and supports the counseling ministry of Christine Butler, M.A., counselor.  To read a question and answer webpage about Chris and her caring counseling approach, link to counseling ministry.