Calvary maintains a catalog of books in our Church library that you are welcome to browse through and check out during times when the building is open.

Search Online

Note:  The searchable database is being updated on our website and not accessible at this time.  We appreciate your patience while we work!

If you would like to see what’s in our catalog, you can search the library online.

Visit the Library 

The library is located on the main floor of the Church Building next to the Chalice Room where we gather after Worship each Sunday.  Please ask any of our members who will be happy to show you where it is or stop in the Church Office during the week.

In the Library you will find detailed instructions and other information on how to find what you are looking for.  We also maintain a table with featured book selections if you are looking for suggestions.

Catalog Topics

The library includes books, videos, study materials and much more for adults, young adults and children. Just a few of the selected topics include:

  • Bible Study
  • Theology
  • Devotions
  • Worship
  • Church History
  • Calvary Church History
  • Other Religions

Donate to the Library

Donations of new or “like new” books are always appreciated.  If you would like to know what types of books we are seeking now, please view the list on the bulletin board in the Church Library.