The Prayers & Squares Prayer Quilt Ministry at Calvary makes prayer quilts, prayer squares and military prayer squares for those in need of prayer.  If you know of someone who is in special need of the healing power of prayer; whether member or non-member, child or adult, ill, facing surgery, or in a difficult life situation, you may request a prayer quilt for that person.  The process is:  Ask the person’s permission.  The person must agree to accept the gift of prayer in the form of a quilt.  Make sure the person knows it is a gift of love.  If you have a request, contact the Church Office.

Please pray for the Prayer Quilt Ministry.  “It’s not about the quilts, it’s about the prayers.”

Prayer Shawl Ministry – Prayer shawls are made with love for individuals who are going through a difficult time or a joyous occasion.  The shawl is symbolic of an unconditional loving God, wrapping the person with warmth and comfort.  Compassion and the love of knitting/crocheting  have been combined to provide a prayerful ministry and spiritual practice.  Many blessings are prayed into every stitch. .  Those who have received a prayer shawl have been uplifted, as if given wings to fly above their troubles.