Sunday, November 12, we continue to explore the topic of how money can’t buy the true treasures in life.

The series is focused on how we are inundated regularly and repeatedly with explicit and subliminal messages that try, often successfully, to entice us with shouts and whispers to believe that there are certain “things” we must possess to make us happy, satisfied, and fulfilled. But, we know these are false claims. The immediate sense of happiness and satisfaction fade because the things that money can buy are temporary. Yes, it is nice to have things that money can buy. But from time to time, we need to stop and check to see if we have the things that money can’t buy, like love, gratitude, hope, generosity, peace, integrity, and meaning. A loving relationship with God and loving relationships with others, these are life’s  true treasures.

This week, the Rev. David J. Hanna will deliver the sermon Money Can’t Buy: Peace.

When we read the Beatitudes, we hear the poetry and power of Jesus and are overwhelmed by thoughts of how to apply them in the world in which live. We applaud the teaching but fear the implications and confess the fact that the world does not seem to get better, and we stand unfilled in our shallow expressions as followers of Jesus. And yet…

We hope you will join us at 11:00 a.m. for worship and fellowship immediately following the service.

Peace be with you.