At Calvary, weddings are occasions of both joy and reverence. Joy because of the gifts of love and happiness that the couple has found in each other, and reverence because it is God the couple is asking to bless the commitment each makes as they enter marriage. For a wedding to be meaningful in Christian terms, it ought to take place in the Christian community to which at least one member of the couple belongs.

Our basic requirements are simple: that at least one member of the couple is either a practicing Christian or, if not yet a committed Christian, at least on the way to becoming such; that they will worship regularly, that they accept the theological understanding of marriage offered by this church; and that they agree to undergo premarital consultation.

This church does not celebrate weddings on a Sunday or on holidays.

Couples interested in a wedding at Calvary should contact the Church Office by email or by calling the Church Office at  (724) 463-9197.